Reducing Management Costs

One of our primary goals at Strategic Property Systems is reducing management and operational costs of your facility.


Performance Contracting Advisory is growing extremely popular as a way for owners to be proactive in the selection process for project-specific contractors. Strategic Property Systems has extensive experience representing property owners in this specialty area. As veterans in HVAC consulting and contracting, we can assist in preparing your Request for Proposals, assist with proposal evaluation, provide leadership in your selection process, assist negotiations, and perform project oversight during design and construction.

Our Process

The following is our technique when approaching the evaluation and critique of preventive and predictive maintenance strategies currently active in your facility:

We start with an audit and analysis of active building equipment. 

Complete review of existing maintenance programs to identify problems and give corrective advice. This helps maintenance personnel increase productivity and improve efficiency while maintaining quality of service.

Following the review, we create a custom-designed maintenance program for all facility requirements, which would include Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual task and complete weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and annual reporting. We provide an annual projection before the start of each year to allow for scheduling and notification.