Improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

One of our primary goals at SPS is ensuring the air our clients breathe at work and at home is as healthy as possible. We are able to design proactive indoor air quality (IAQ) testing and data collection programs to conform to your needs and budget. We work with our clients to develop communication plans to share with tenants of the steps taken to make their workplace environments healthy.

We design and install ultraviolet light systems supplemented with photocatalytic oxidation to protect building occupants from airborne diseases like COVID-19, H1N1 influenza, rhinoviruses, bacteria and mold. These UV systems eliminate cooling coil cleanings and increase the BTU output of HVAC systems. UV light removes the mold coating on the coils which acts as a negative insulation layer blocking the coil’s ability to transfer BTU heat to the airstream. Removing that insulation barrier allows full BTU transfer from the cooling coils to the airstream. Clean, mold-free coils are colder and therefore condense more moisture. Thus, lowering air humidity and reducing reheat operational expenses.


Many IAQ complaints arise from workers’ frustrations about perceived inaction once the air quality issue is raised–and these complaints can often be easily remedied. With an IAQ program in place we are able to discover unusual trends in the data, reporting those to the client for future reference and tracking. We are also able to support the facility and your management team with investigation and problem-solving.