Energy Conservation

Energy Star Benchmarking

Through the Energy Star Program, the EPA provides partners with guidelines to lower operating costs and improve tenant comfort. The Energy Star application also serves as a method of benchmarking your building’s performance to that of others. EPA provides a diagnostic tool known as a Portfolio Manager that can be used to set energy performance goals and measure progress towards these goals. You can use it to measure performance for an individual building or for a group of buildings.

Energy Audit

A survey of existing facilities to identify cost-effective and practical energy retrofit opportunities which would include reviewing existing drawings and equipment specification, in addition with analyzing utility bills.Identify fast-payback energy retrofit opportunities. Assist with developing an integrated capital improvement program that will coordinate energy programs in addition to other planned improvements.

Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)

A survey of a facility’s lighting, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and general envelope systems to determine strategies of possible energy savings is vital. We look at both sides of the meter to discover and implement cost-effective energy savings opportunities in all areas. Our in-house and third party Utility Rates Analysis services help our clients pay less, by examining current utility rates to determine if there are better rates available, by identifying possible billing errors and finding simple operational changes to save our clients money.

Common energy reduction strategies we recommend to our clients and employ include: